What Do I Do?

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up all sorts of emotions and make you feel out of control. Try to take it one step at a time as you navigate an unplanned pregnancy with your partner. Though the road ahead could seem scary, you are not alone. You may be asking yourself questions like…

  • How do I support a child financially?
  • Is the child really mine?
  • How do I tell my parents and my family?
  • What are our pregnancy options?
  • What does my partner expect from me?
  • Can I continue school and raise a child?

Processing the Pregnancy News

In order to support your partner, it’s important to take a moment to process the news of an unplanned pregnancy on your own. Talk to someone you trust (other than your partner) if that’s something that will help you sort through your emotions without overwhelming your partner.

Next, after sorting out your own emotions, seek to support your partner in her pregnancy moving forward. Your partner may be going through similar emotions you are and needs you during this time. Do your best to listen to her well and be ready to help when she needs you. Avoid pressuring her toward abortion. Try to be a peaceful presence and not a source of stress, conflict, or pressure.  Make sure she knows that you are ready to take on fatherhood and new responsibilities (if you are willing to do so.)  Be open to exploring adoption with her if that is an option that she would like to learn more about. Your communication and support helps your partner know that she is not facing this new situation alone

Make Sure Her Pregnancy is Viable

First things first – confirm that your partner is in fact pregnant and that her pregnancy is healthy. Before processing too much, get confirmation that your partner’s pregnancy is viable, living and progressing inside the uterus. Some women have early miscarriages or experience an ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus). 

Secondly, though at-home pregnancy tests are very accurate, there is always a slight chance your partner received a false positive. Prior to making a pregnancy decision with your partner, confirm her pregnancy with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound today. Get free pregnancy testing at our center, as well as an ultrasound referral, at no cost to you.

Learn More

After confirming your partner’s pregnancy result with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound referral, we can help you connect with resources and support for you and your partner as you consider your options. Be fully informed about any options you are considering, whether abortion, adoption, or parenting.  Our team at Next Step Pregnancy and Family Resources is here to help you navigate through all your questions and concerns. 

Support For Men

Men – you are not in this alone! We are here to support you in whatever you face, step by step. Get clarity and confidence to move forward in this time. We offer practical support, including fatherhood coaching and parenting classes if you would like to parent.

Schedule an appointment to talk and learn more about what step to take next. Help is available for you and your partner.