In school & Pregnant?

Wow, you definitely didn’t see an unplanned pregnancy coming. School is hard in itself and the thought of pregnancy while going to school can feel really overwhelming. We understand and you are not alone. Are you asking yourself questions like…

  • What will my friends think?
  • Can I go to class and raise a child?
  • Should I drop out of school?
  • Can I take online classes?
  • What are my pregnancy options?
  • Will my partner continue school and support me?

Continuing school while pregnant can be hard, but it is not impossible. There are many schools that allow flexibility with students who are moms. Ask your school for options and make sure to first confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to get answers. 

High Schools

If you need more flexibility than a traditional school setting provides, most of the area school districts offer virtual academy options and/or make accommodations as needed for students with medical needs.

Colleges and Universities

Area colleges and universities offer both in person and online learning options.  The Office of Student Life, and the Non-Traditional and Veteran Student Services,  at Kansas State University provide helpful resources and support for pregnant and parenting students at Kansas State University.