How Does Adoption Work?

After getting clarity about your pregnancy, maybe you have come to the conclusion that adoption could be for you. If you are interested in learning about adoption, we are available to visit with you about the process and options you have with adoption. Adoption might be a choice for you if you’re thinking…

  • You don’t want to parent at this time or feel you are not ready to parent
  • Your living situation isn’t healthy for raising a child
  • You want a financially and emotionally stable environment for your child
  • You want a two-parent family for your child

Though this could be an option for you – adoption isn’t an easy choice to make. Choosing what’s next for your child is a big decision. Making a plan can help you move forward as you consider what will be best for your child and for you.

Birthparents get to choose an adoption plan that’s right for them and their child. We are here to help if needed along the way.

Adoption Plans to Choose From

If you decide that adoption is the best plan for you and for your baby, you will have the opportunity to choose the family and to choose how much openness you would want in the adoption.  You can choose to get to know the adoptive family and develop a trusting relationship with them prior to the birth of the baby.  You should do whatever is necessary to feel comfortable and secure in your adoption plan and in your choice of a family.

Following placement, you may want to request pictures and updates occasionally from the adoptive family. You may also write a letter to the child expressing your love for the child and the reason for your decision. Some birth parents and adoptive families choose an adoption plan that includes continuing to get together in person from time to time throughout the years.  Some birth parents do not desire any contact or communication after the adoption.

It is up to you to determine the plan and adoptive family that is the best fit for you.  Any exploration of adoption prior to the birth of the baby is not legally binding.  The legal decision to place for adoption can only be completed after the birth of the baby.

Choosing the Plan that Fits You

Sometimes adoption plans are referred to as open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption as a way to describe how much information is shared between the birth parents and adoptive family and how much communication and contact they have with each other.  In reality, each adoption plan is unique and develops to fit the individual needs and preferences of the birth parents and adoptive family as they work together for the best interest of their child.

Currently most adoptions are considered open adoption or semi-open adoption, but each of those adoptions is very individualized in how much information is shared between the parties involved and what type of contact they choose to have with each other as they develop relationships moving forward.  As a result, openness in adoption is more of a spectrum than simple categories of open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

You and the family that you choose can create the individualized plan that works best for you!

Is Adoption For Me?

While it’s a tough decision to make, our team is here to support you in whatever you decide. Schedule a free and confidential appointment today to learn more.While we are not a licensed adoption agency, we can help inform you about all options. The team at Next Step is ready to provide education, support, and resources to you as you learn about adoption.